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Early Bird Workshops

​A. Where’s the Reset Button?

Many of us have personal experiences that we wish we could just press the reset button and start all over again. When a “Do Over” is not possible, how can we regroup and learn from the past to create a better future? 

B. Time to Reconnect.

We are so busy managing the lives of others that we often lose our sense of purpose, goals or dreams. During this season, I need to reconnect and find “me” again. 

C. Big Girl Lost.

The development of self-awareness is necessary for healthy spirituality. Without honest self-reflection, our insecurities, fears, bad experiences and challenging relationships will steal our identity and we will miss the spiritual maturity that we need to walk in our purpose and alignment with God. Our personal assignment is always to be about the business of “becoming,” but to do that we must embrace the truth of who we are, and be willing to move forward. 

D. Managing the Health of My Soul.

So many women have experienced sexual abuse, abandonment, betrayal, heartbreak and loss, and we wonder if we fully recover. Emotional wounds can surely shatter the soul, challenge our faith, and strain our relationship with God. We must fight to reclaim our souls from the forces that would destroy us. 

E. Money matters.

As women of color, we have to do all in our power to become and remain fiscally fit. Saving, investing, and building wealth should be our goal, because being good stewards is what God requires. Let’s learn strategies for handling God’s money. 

F. Prayer That Destroys, Defeats and Devours.

Jesus came to destroy the works of Satan, by overpowering principalities, powers, and the rulers of darkness of this world. It is through prayer that the women of God rise above the carnal and mundane, and it is through prayer that we can defeat our spiritual enemies and walk in victory. Let us learn how to release the power of God and experience the deliverance that we need. 

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