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Special Interest Workshops

G. “The Enemy” and the “Fight.

”The Word tells us: “We wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers,” and that “The weapons of our warfare are not carnal.” Yet, on a daily basis, we are dealing with people and situations that are carnal and cause our flesh to “rise up.” Our challenge is to decipher who is being used by the enemy and what situations are just natural conflicts? We need to know his schemes and tactics and be reminded of how to actually keep him under our feet, as we put on the armor of God. 

H. Get Understanding.  

Often the Sunday morning experience is high and moving, but if the truth be told, many still do not know how to apply the Word to our everyday lives. Too many times, vital pieces of the sermon goes over our heads, or we simply are not retaining it, and this robs the believer of the tools they need to fully process and appropriate the richness of God’s Word and intentions for us. How do we delve into the Word of God and understand it so that it enriches our lives? 

I. Healthy Living God’s Way.

Eating healthily is a part of living out our faith. Some sickness and disease can be avoided or remedied by changing the way we eat. Our bodies are the temple of God, and we have to eat and drink like we believe that with our whole heart. We will discuss how to make healthy choices as it relates to food, lifestyles and surroundings. 

J. The Strength to Let Go.  

Too often in this life we find ourselves holding on to jobs, relationships, and ways of being that are not good for us simply because they are comfortable and familiar.  Faith, however, demands that we trust God enough to stop clinging to those things and people that are not for our good mental, emotional and spiritual well-being. Whether it means forgiving, leaving, or re-arranging our lives, we have to choose to move on.

K. Generational Curses.

In this workshop we will explore the nuances of “generational curses”, and develop strategies for breaking the chains that have us and those we love in bondage. 

L. God’s Plan or Our Desires?

Discerning the voice of God is often difficult. Though we sincerely may want to do God’s will, when it comes to knowing if it is God speaking to us or our flesh controlling me, we are not always sure. Recognizing the voice of God is what every believer must strive to do. Our prayer is that we learn to give God control as we navigate the temptations and personal preferences that will impact our future. 

M. A Satisfied Soul.

I thought that I would be married by now, but I have had to learn that my timetable is not my reality. Statistics show that the odds that women of color will marry get slimmer all the time, so many are faced with the prospect of never marrying or marrying later in life. So in the midst of wondering what the future holds for me, dealing with some loneliness and disappointment, and grappling with my desires for intimacy and healthy relationships, I am fully aware of the need to keep God in the midst of all of this. 

N. Who Does God Say That I Am?  

We live in a time in which many are very concerned about how others perceive them. But our deepest concern should be how God really sees us. After all, that is what really counts. Am I authentically Christian? Does my lifestyle please God? Am I living up to God’s desire for my life? Do I have the faith and commitment that I should have? This workshop requires some honest reflection and truth telling. 

O. Managing the Health of My Soul.

So many women have experienced sexual abuse, abandonment, betrayal, heartbreak and loss, and we wonder if we fully recover. Emotional wounds can surely shatter the soul, challenge our faith, and strain our relationship with God. We must fight to reclaim our souls from the forces that would destroy us. 

P. Money matters.

As women of color, we have to do all in our power to become and remain fiscally fit. Saving, investing, and building wealth should be our goal, because being good stewards is what God requires. Let’s learn strategies for handling God’s money. 

Q. Prayer That Destroys, Defeats and Devours.

Jesus came to destroy the works of Satan, by overpowering principalities, powers, and the rulers of darkness of this world. It is through prayer that the women of God rise above the carnal and mundane, and it is through prayer that we can defeat our spiritual enemies and walk in victory. Let us learn how to release the power of God and experience the deliverance that we need. 

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