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General Workshop 1

I. Transformed to Transcend.

The power of spiritual transformation is best realized when we are forced to go through seasons of grief, isolation, rejection or suffering. Spiritual maturity has to kick in and sustain us through the storms that would have defeated us. We are strengthened when we allow God to minister to us in our broken places and implement change in us, so that when we go through what we have to go through, we can go higher instead of letting the enemy defeat us. 

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General Workshop 2

II. Overcoming Weaknesses, Whining, and Wild Thoughts.

In order to experience the abundance that God offers, we have to work at changing our perspective on God, people and ourselves. We are called to take ownership of our personal shortcomings, unhealthy relationships, self-defeating behavior, and bad theology, and find ways to re-align ourselves with the God who made us. To walk in victory, we have to be willing take a good look at who we are, stop making excuses, blaming others and instead rock our own boats. 

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General Workshop 3

III. Living A Spiritually Balanced Life.

As we strive to have the character of Christ, we must walk in the Spirit and reject the work of the flesh. That means that we must learn to sacrifice, but not give too much of ourselves, show mercy without condoning wrong, forgive but not become an enabler, and love without loving foolishly. Ours is to search for the balance that makes us healthy, wise and effective. 

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Bonus Workshops

1. Lightening the Load of Parental Messes, Mistakes and Messages.

Daddy was absent, abusive, or detached. Mommy was overly protective, chronically unhappy, or emotionally unavailable. When we have missed out on healthy relationships with our parents, we have to work hard to experience the healing that we need to fulfill our purpose and deepest longings. Discover how women can recover from bad experiences with parents, transcend their negative behaviors, and break free from DNA proclivities to become free. 

2. The Gift of Years.

Life is filled with highs and lows. Disappointments will come, tragic situations will knock us for a loop, and unwanted change will bring us to tears. As the years pass, however, the regrets and victories we experience, the lessons that we learn, and the strength that we develop transform us into some powerful forces. Growing older will yield God’s gifts of wisdom, discernment, and spiritual transformation. 

3. Defying the Odds.

Sexual abuse has the potential to destroy the woman that God created you to be. It takes prayer, determination and spiritual fortitude to move beyond the pain and emotional baggage that comes when someone violates our bodies and wounds our spirit. The truth is God gives every woman the power to break the chains of mental bondage and bitterness, and to become a dynamic and significant force in the kingdom. 

4. His Voice? My Flesh?

Have you ever had to conclude that what you thought was the voice of God was really your flesh talking? So often we pray and earnestly want to hear the God speak, but it is difficult to distinguish what God wants from what we want. Lord, help me to know your voice. 

5. The “Greater” Within.

There is one thing that we cannot deny. Greatness comes from with, and it takes courage, wisdom and faith to catapult us to those greater dimensions of success and purpose that we crave. Whether it is on the job place or a personal God-given mission, we have to push pass spirits of mediocrity, fear, and sexism, and claim the new horizons that await us. 

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