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Listing of Committees and Supervising Chairs

Concessions: Carmen Cherry
Corporate Acquisitions: Paula Grant
Finance: June Andrews
GEMS: Timyiaka Noel
Hospitality: Natalie Holness

Logistics: Donna Bovelle
Prayer and Fasting: Amanda Etienne
Publicity: Olivia Skeffrey
Registration: Jene Harrison
Special Events: Deborah Huggins

Conference Hospitality

This Committee meets and greets the women as they arrive at the hotel, answering their questions and ensuring the orderly movement of the women to and from workshops, meals, worship services, etc.  Sunny, spirit-filled personalities needed! ☺

Special Events

This Committee secures the site for Women Season Events, selects and coordinates with the caterer, sells the tickets, and has a myriad of hostesses to meet and greet guests. They also are responsible for clean-up after the events.

Marketing & Advertising

This Committee is responsible for advertising Women’s Season Events and Services by utilizing Social Media, church announcements, and distributing flyers after Sunday worship services.

Women’s Season Greeters

Greeters are a group of ladies who are full of energy, positive spirit, and joy. The greeters are there to welcome all guests to Monday night worship services, and all Women’s Season special events.

Women’s Ministry Concessions

This Committee is responsible for the merchandise design and marketing of products sold during Women’s Season.  They monitor the inventory, pack, display, and setup for Conference.

Conference Vendors

Committee sends out applications to potential Conference vendors who wish to sell their wares at the Conference. They organize the returned applications to determine what vendors will be accepted, receive the vendor fees, and coordinate with the hotel personnel and hotel logistics committee to secure the site for the selling of the items.

Conference Logistics

The “army” of the Women’s Conference. Logistics collaborates with the hotel and the church’s conference committees to ensure conference participants and facilitators have a pleasant experience. The team manages crowd control for meals & worship services, directs participants to workshop locations, assists with workshop set-up, prepares sanctuary for worship, maintains lost & found, and myriad of other tasks all while maintaining a delightful demeanor.

Conference Journal

This Committee develops the format and design for the Conference Journal, reviews and edits biographies and all the writing submitted for the Journal, as well as collects and compiles data and photos for printing. This committee uses the Adobe creative suite.

Conference Survey

Committee creates and distributes an electronic evaluation form to gather the opinions, comments and suggestions of the Women’s Season Conference participants.  The Committee also summarizes the results in a final evaluation report.

Creative Arts

Not unique to Women’s Season, this ministry creates the banners and other artistic creations that are needed for the many events that take place throughout the Women’s Season. Responsible for the putting up and taking down of all such articles as well.

Conference Registration

Committee registers all the women who attend the Women’s Conference by filling out the registration forms and receiving and keeping track of payments. They work closely with the Conference hotel staff.

Conference Registration Input & Reports

Members of the Registration Committee help to facilitate a smooth introduction to the Women’s Conference experience. Team members acquaint prospective conference attendees with available workshops, assist with data entry, accept payment of conference fees. Aid in securing transportation, where available. As well as partner with the hotel to reserve lodging. Additionally, Registration committee members are on-site at conference to greet attendees and distribute conference materials.

Conference Ushers

Usually those who are already Allen ushers who serve during Monday night worship services and during the Conference.

Conference Transportation

Committee works closely with the Registration Committee to keep a running record of those guests needing bus transportation.  They coordinate the schedule of bus departures and the number of buses needed.

Corporate Acquisitions and Packaging

Identifies companies/corporations who are willing to donate complimentary items, etc. for distribution at the Conference. Also responsible for ensuring the items are distributed at the Conference.


Finance Committee - is responsible for all accounts receivable and accounts payable pertaining to the Women's Ministry during Women's Season and beyond.  Members of this Committee also collect all finances raised through worship services, special events, and Conference. Finance is also responsible for the sponsorship of Financial Workshops and Seminars.  Because of the nature of this Committee, positions are appointed.

Prayer and Fasting Committee

Prayer and Fasting Ministry is open to those who have a desire for prayer and a heart to passionately seek God on behalf of others. The monthly meetings will empower your spirit to pray and fast throughout Women’s Season. Those committed to join will be provided with resources, a list of specific prayer concerns and will have the option to join the GAC Prayer & Fasting Ministry.

Women’s Outreach Ministry

Women’s Outreach Ministry reaches out to women who are in homeless shelters, drug treatment facilities and transitional housing in a way that will minister to their physical, emotional and spiritual needs.   The Ministry activities are focused on encouraging, uplifting and empowering the women of our community.

GEM -  Girls Empowerment Ministry

G.E.M. - The Girls Empowerment Ministry is geared toward female teens ages 13-18.  Teens will participate in all aspects of Women’s Season including but not limited to special events, community outreach assignments & bible study. In addition to participating in the events of other Women’s Season committees, they coordinate their own events specifically geared towards teens such as a girl’s night out, motivational sessions, professional, academic and financial workshops. This committee welcomes adults to join who have a heart to serve as mentors to our teens who will help plan and participate in their events while encouraging them throughout the Season.

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