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"In God's Hands"
Women's Conference 2024 Recap

Women's Conference 2024 Recap
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Experience heartfelt worship, good friends and a refreshing look into God’s Word in a comfortable, casual setting. The ministry is committed to building your faith and helping you grow.

Womens Bible Study | 4.8.24
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Women's Season Bible Study

Our Mission

The Women’s Ministry of The Greater Allen A.M.E. Cathedral of New York has been powerfully impacting the lives of women in our church family, throughout our community and across the nation. For over twenty years, this ministry has sponsored Bible Studies, retreats, conferences and numerous events designed to help women develop a stronger and more intimate relationship with the Lord, and empower them to break free from any oppressive and destructive forces that might prevent or hinder their growth and purpose in God.

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Share the Word of God

with women in a such a way that they are able to become strong in their faith in, commitment to and knowledge of a loving and egalitarian God.

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Strengthen Women

by providing worship and instructive settings that will help them discover their strengths, conquer their weaknesses and understand their value.


Support Women

in their efforts to develop their gifts, reach their potential, reject negative thinking and transcend damaging experiences, past and present.


Supply Women

with the necessary spiritual and emotional tools to love and empower their families and friends.


Show Women

how to develop and maintain healthy relationships.


Stress to Women

the importance of friendship and service to other women of all ages, socio-economic groups, denominations and professions.

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